Tuesday, August 7, 2007


What a week, it's been quite a fine farm tour so far! We've been busy playing shows, eating incredible food and visiting farms.

Our show at the Henry Fonda Theater kicked off our farm tour

with opening act Jesca Hoop

and our wonderful boys John and Greg, our ballerina Terrie Silverman, our hot dancers Rick Whitmore and Tuba Heatherton, and our new vegetable dresses designed by Garry Lennon.

(photos - Koga)

(photo- eric meacham)
drawing by Gabby Brandini

Our fab merch girls Boo and Cathy made quite a display!

Next stop was Paso Robles, at Windrose Farm. We played a benefit show, ate yummy fresh farm food and took a tour of the premises with 70 other people who joined us.

(photos - Paul Natkin)

Here we are at Windrose farm:

This sweet farm dog slept outside our tent in the apple orchard.

Here we are planting our Earth Box for the tour.

Here's Jeff Koga with a horse in love

At our gig in Concord, we were joined by the Studio A Sister Kate dancers...

(photo - Paul Natkin)

Then we went to Berkeley and played a super fun show at Freight and Salvage. Thanks to Arizmendi Pizza for providing free organic pizza slices to our concert attendees.

Afterwards we were rewarded with home-made organic vegan cupcakes:

The next day we played in Santa Cruz and it was the glamorous debut of our opening band "Ice Cream Truck"

Then we headed for Winters to play a show and on the way we ate some yum grub in Davis.

August 6th we visited 2 farms for some private concerts for cows and goats.

Here's our visit to Straus Family Creamery:

And here's what we learned about methane energy:

And then we had ice cream:

Here we are with Albert Straus and our friend Emunah Hauser.

(photo - Paul Natkin)

Off to see the goats...

Scott Bice and family, Trinity Smith and us at Redwood Hills

(photos - Paul Natkin)

Here's a song from our visit to Redwood Hills Goat Farm.

Tomorrow we leave California...