Friday, August 24, 2007


We had a great time visiting Missouri, with many a visit to the food joint "Main Sqeeze" in Columbia and a visit from our pal from LA - Dennis Miller. We played a well attended and very well organized show on Terra Bella Farms in Hatton, outside of Columbia. Proceeds went to benefit The Missouri Rural Crisis Center and Patchwork Family Farms. Met some great people, watched some kids do some wonderful interpretive dance during our performance, and ate some delicious veggies on the farm.

Thanks to everyone for helping make this a great event:

Abby drives the tractor

Here we are with the owner of Terra Bella Farms

Rhonda and Roger of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center and us

A pic from our barn yard show (pics - Paul Natkin)

The next day we were off to St. Louis to play two fun shows at our favorite Police station - The Mad Art Gallery.
Some burlesque dancers came and partied and we had surprise visits from some boys we rode with on the bike tour last Summer too.

(photo - Paul Natkin)
Tonight we're in Madison at the Barrymore. Yum Fun.