Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New York

We visited Abby’s old work place, the Union Square Farmer’s Market in Manhattan and played a short set at Farm Aid’s special event there. We visited Stewart and Paulina from Greener Pastures Wheat Grass stand, where Abby used to work and Amanda used to hang out.

That night we did a show at Irving Plaza and saw a lot of old friends in NY. Rick Whitmore and Jeff Koga even flew out from LA to see the shows.

Here we are celebrating Rick's birthday with Rick, Jeff, and Robin.

Next day, we rode our bikes to Randall Island for FARM AID. Many bands played and the venue had all local and organic food for the crowd and the performers.

(photo - Koga)

Daryl Hannah introduced our set, too.

Check out her website for interesting environmental tips!

This was a great tour and we learned a lot about how our food choices effect our bodies, our communities and our environment. We recommend visiting farms in your area. Investigate where the food you eat comes from. See how it's grown and raised. Is it shipped in from far distances? Is it treated with chemicals? Is it grown with care and love?
Thanks to all the farmers for the farm tours and for feeding us all. Let us all shop at farmer’s markets, coops and CSA’s to support our local farmers in the years to come. It's a delicious way to support our communities, lessen our dependency on petroleum, reduce our use of chemical pesticides, and keep our environment healthy.

We appreciate everyone for coming out to see us play. Thanks to Farm Aid and all the local farm organizations that helped us coordinate farms to visit and thanks to the farms that hosted concerts. Thanks to the Growing Connection for providing Earth Boxes for our raffles. Thanks to Paul Natkin for taking great photos, tour managing and being so chivalrous. Thanks to John and Greg for playing so well, for being Ice Cream Truck, and for doing all the hundred other things they did to make the tour go smoothly. Thanks to Brian Swanson for booking all our zany tours without complaining. Thanks to Nancy and Gary for doing extra work on this tour. Thanks to Paki Newall for helping us with publicity. Thanks to Koga for handling our myspace and shows pages and for taking so many photos!