Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Virginia and Maryland

We played at the Birchmere, the first time since our tour with Nancy Sinatra 3 years ago.
It was really a lot of fun...great audience.
Bob Patterson of "The Growing Connection" came to the show with some beautiful Earth Boxes of his own for our final Earth Box Raffle.
Here we are with Allison, Bob, and Amy

and here's our lovely Earth Box of herbs that has been doing quite well since it was planted a month ago on Windrose Farms.

We raised $2,405 for The Growing Connection by selling Earth Box raffle tickets. Thanks to all our fans for participating!
For more info on The Growing Connection or to order your own Earth Box, go to www.thegrowingconnection.org

We also played at the Ramshead and it was Ice Cream Truck’s final performance. We begged them not to disband, but they’re already planning their reunion tour.